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Posted on 2005.12.31 at 16:39
Current Mood: crazyErica is Mad Crunk
I'm not pregnant.
which is basically all thats happened since then
well me and steven broke up.
but i dont care.
i was bored with him anyways
going to a party, of course, with my boys
maybe hooking up? I dont know. haha



Posted on 2005.11.19 at 19:39
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Right Thurr - Chingy
I'm late. I'm not supposed to be. Its supposed to be regulated. UGH. This isn't cool. I haven't said anything to Dave yet. Ugh. What am I going to say. "Uh yeah, sorry Dave, your might be a dad." That'd be cute. ha. not. shiiiiiiiiiit. Stephanie and Jim will prolly want to get rid of me. Seriously. Most parents just say that they want to disown you. Technically, Steph and Jim can. Thats the bad part about adoption. I mean, other then I still don't really know my parents, but yeah. not cool.

I dont Know. I need to talk to someone. This would prolly be a good time for female friends to come in handy. So its prolly a good thing I don't have any. Well theres Mariah and her sister. But I'm not especially close to either of them. But I dont know. Maybe I should be.

dammit. I need a drink. But that prolly isn't a good thing, is it? ugh. whatever. its too early. I might not even be. sofuckit.



Posted on 2005.10.19 at 00:11
Its midnight. i Can't sleep. Ive got a concert tomorrow. woo. Actully I'm not that excited. We're preforming with the symphony. I'm just kinda stoked we're missing class. lol. I"ve got senioritus already. and I'm only a junior. that can't be good. bah. oh well.

I'm watching old plays. gah, i miss these kids. Summer shows. those are the greatest. DAMN YOU COLLEGE AND TAKING AWAY ALL MY FRIENDS. fuck. I've got to get friends here. Like, In my grade. whatever.

Brendons got a concert on friday. He wants me to go. But I dont want to drive an hour to see him. I mean, I do, but I dont. bah. maybe i should just sleep. whatever.

anyways this isn't gunna make sense when I wake up in the morning, so I might as well go...

<3 Urrrica (i'm gansta now)



Posted on 2005.10.17 at 23:49
Class 1: Theatre 3
Class 2: Chemistry
Class 3: AP World History
Class 4: French 3 (with Anna)
Class 5: Choir
Class 6: English
Class 7: Pyschology



Posted on 2005.10.15 at 23:28
Freshman year:
*Auditioned for the play, and didn't make it
*Joined debate, gets shot down by seniors at first, then shows them up
*Makes a chorus role in the musical

Sophomore year:
*Gets a walk on role in the play
*Gets a minor role in the musical
*Makes the top school choir
*Joins Poli-sci club